Kalak port

Kalak is a port city on the southern coast of northwest Navan. The city is extremely large, and is the primary shipping port for the entire continent. The sprawling metropolis has a reputation for being extremely busy, dirty, and cramped, as many business and industries compete for success.

The south side of the city is a large port and shipyards. In recent years, shipbuilders have been experimenting with new techniques including lining the sides of ships with thin steel plating, greatly increasing ship’s armor. Even more recently, engineers have experimented with using steam power to create ships that can move without sails. This experimental, and not entirely successful, technology is viewed with suspicion by the populace, who tend to equate it with magic.

The city has somewhat of a reputation for being vulnerable to organized crime. Figures such as Sebastian Rand are seen ambivalently as both pillars of the community, and as master criminals.


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