Glass Eye

The Glass Eye is a clandestine organization devoted to preventing the consolidation of power in the hands of individuals or small groups. The group by association also has a strong anti-magic agenda, although not all of it’s members adhere to such a view.

The group is loosely connected via under-the-table deals, secret signs, codes and handshakes, sometimes undertaking missions for the greater good of Navan, sometimes by hiring mercenaries who offer their services to the highest bidder. The group engages in activities as innocuous as creating grass-roots political movements, all the way up to and including such operations as theft, graft, organized crime, or assassination. The groups has contact with a wide variety of associates, some with suspicious histories, including men such as Sebastian Rand.

The group is extremely heterogeneous, featuring a mixed membership base, varied centers of operation, and even divergent goals and methods.

Known officers include:
Griff Thardok

Glass Eye

Navan Hankinstien